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NCAA Basketball

In 2017, Game Sim correctly picked UNC as the National Champion when the brackets were announced and finished in the 87th percentile on ESPN's bracket game.

In 2015, Game Sim picked the two teams in the National Title game and finished in the 90th percentile on ESPN's bracket game.

In 2013, Game Sim picked both the NIT and NCAA champion correctly. Game Sim's NCAA Tournament bracket finished in the 96th percentile on ESPN's bracket game. In it's inaugural season, Game Sim also correctly picked Duke as the 2010 National Champion.

Game Sim uses each teams statistical profile to play out a game possession by possession. The more sims for a matchup helps give a reliable predicted score.


The NBA Game Sim launched in November 2014, leveraging NBA Stats against the Basketball Game Sim engine.

In 2015, NBA Game Sim predicted the Warriors winning the NBA Finals.

NCAA Football

Following along in the success of it's basketball counterpart, the Football Game Simulator was created in 2012 and found similar success.

Pick two teams and simulate a matchup. The game is then played out play by play. Whether your Baylor's fast paced offense or Navy's triple option, Game Sim takes the team's statistical profile and plays out each snap.


The NFL Game Sim launched in the Summer of 2015, leveraging NFL Stats against the Football Game Sim engine.

Major League Baseball

The MLB Game Sim launched in the Summer of 2018, boasting a completely new simulation engine and with a number of new features coming soon.

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